About Us

Swagmate [NYC Streetwear] is a style of casual clothing that launched globally in 2020. It grew from the mind of a kid from Brooklyn, who was always inspired by New York hip hop fashion and eventually California surfskate culture, to encompass elements of sportswear, punk, and Japanese street fashion. Eventually, haute couture became an influence. 

Swagmate commonly centers on "casual, comfortable pieces such as joggers, T-shirts, baseball caps, and sneakers,” and exclusivity through intentional product scarcity Enthusiasts, Swagmate has started releasing particular drops; limited-edition releases.

Sneakers in streetwear accompany a wide range of footwear. Sneaker culture is an essential part of streetwear. Since 2004, the sneaker market has grown by over 40% and is still on the steady increase. That was one of the main reasons Mack, our founder, started producing his collection (1 of 1’s) to compliment his colorways. 

Given that he unapologetically boasts about being a kid born in Hell’s Kitchen during the ’80s and raised in Brooklyn, he always falls back on levering the brightest and unconventional colorways to stand out in any crowd. This reason is why we strive to help customers ‘Get 1,000,000+ Colorways To Flex Their Style.’ Do you see a pattern here? We do. Mack is an enabler, and we are too.

“Our purpose is to unite folks through positive streetwear to create a healthy mental state, activate tribes, and support a fashionable playing field for all.” - Mack G.

Our brand caters to all cultures.

Swagmate releases new streetwear drops through our e-commerce website every week in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Central America, and South America timezones.

Swagmate stocks its clothing label and collaborates with a group of Nerds with Attitude to create customized apparel. We also carry Men’s Big and Tall sizes, ranging from 2x-5x in special cases.

Swagmate is the #1 destination for discovering colorways that fit your style. 


Be Bold, Minimal & Edgy. #swagmate 

The Swagmate California Bear

Living the Dream.